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 I dream of Djinn
 I dream of Djinn
Not a lot is known about Elalyth's past. She was shown first being owned by Sujanaa min Raghbah. She didn't like her owner. He wished for riches. She grew bored with him. She was owned by him for many years until she called out to Adam Destine. She came to him in a dream and protected him until he got to her. She used her powers to make sure no harm came to him. When Adam got to her he released her. She then destroyed the temple she was in and killed her previous owner and healed Adam's near death wounds. Elalyth and Adam then made love. This was when she made him immortal. They had a total of 14 children together. All children being granted long lives, and special powers. She does not come and see the children seeing how she doesnt live on this plane anymore. She came to help Cuckoo when M.A.D.O.K, tried to switch bodies with her. When Adam killed one of his children, Elalyth was angry and cursed him so he would feel when one of his children are about to die  and when they die. Later she was found in Eden, until Adam came to find her for help to protect their children. She used him for a conduit so he could easily destroy the cloned creatures of his children and turn the monster that was trying to kill them to a kid. She then was shown but left and never been seen since.


Elalyth has extremely strong mystical powers, being a Djinn she can grant wishes to anyone. She has been shown to grant immortality turning an old man into a baby, destroying powerful creatures without trying.

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