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Brief History

El Tigre was originally was originally a treasure hunter, searching for ancient relics around the world. He treated his helpers harshly but payed well. His life changed when discovering the pyramid of the god Kukulcan (Quetzalcoatl), He discovered one half of the Sacred Amulet of the deity. The amulet granted him psionic powers: telepathy, telekinesis and a danger sense alerting to threats of any kind. These at first proved handy in facing an assassination attempt by his own helpers.  
He arrived in New York City in search of the other half of the Amulet. He used the time to further test his new powers. After a relatively easy victory over the X-Men, El Tigre united the two halves of the Amulet. Only to change to a new avatar of Kukulcan and loose his own identity in the process. He eventually lost his  Amulet and its powers.  
He resurfaced as a revolutionary agent in South America. Until recruited by Maa-Gor in a plot for the conquest of the Savage Land. Maa-Gor managed to restore telepathic powers to El Tigre, sufficiently strong to affect various felines. More specifically Zabu. El Tigre sought to further mutate himself. He probably hoped for another chance at becoming a God. he failed and started mutating to ape. He commited suicide rather than let this transformation be completed. 

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