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 While his full history is unknown, El Chupacabra has been one of Mexico's greatest super heroes for years and at times almost saved the world several times with the Help of the Global Defense Agency and Brit. Most recently, while not yet revealed, El Chupacabra ended up cheating on his wife and the affair was discovered and in doing so, she kicked Francisco out of the house. He has since been found drinking his problems away at local bars. He was brought into the Guardians of the Globe in hopes that it would turn his life around but has yet to succeed. During several missions, he was so drunk or hung over that he left his teammates without aide and almost got them killed. Brit ended up attacking Francisco and was ready to kick him off the team until he was reminded of his past successes by Cecil. During the attack by the Order, El Chupacabra was almost beaten by War Woman who was able to notice Francisco's cheating and problems and intended to kill him to put him out of his misery, which Francisco accepted. However, Cast Iron jumped in the way and took the axe for him, leaving him on the brink of death and Brit telling El Chupacabra that if Cast Iron dies, his blood was on his hands.

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