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Within You...Without You

She was a beautiful time traveler, marooned in the Cretaceous period. Jeff Lyendecker used to love her. Now he was the only man on earth who could save her. If he would!

Moonweavers: The Gift

He came from the Dark Star, in the dead of night, with his warm, ethereal kisses and gentle touch. He brought her something she desperately needed...a gift!

The King of Nob Hill

The old knife sharpener swore revenge on an entire town. when he severed the hand of Jedediah Pan, and stole the mystical hell-spawned bracelet, the terror began!

Demons of Father Pain

Nine slayings had occurred in the neighborhood of the old Spanish Mission. Jeremiah Cold knew who was responsible. But it was already far too late to stop them!

Oogie and the Lie

Leroy was having a bad time in paradise. He was a mortal among gods, His series had been cancelled. The IRS was after him. And Prunie was about to deliver some very bad news.


Cronk may have been a Satyrian devil boar, but he was human enough to want to avenge the deaths of his parents. Even if he had to climb in a rocket ship and travel to the end of the universe.







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