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Tomorrow pony soldiers would take the Kiowa to a reservation. Braves would wave baskets. Eat corn. Sit in the sun. die. A man could wither. Or he could sell his life dearly, taking hundreds of soldiers with him. Leading the Indians to massacre is Death incarnate. The undead Coffin!

Hunter II

Three men. three destinies. The Exterminator: A machine-man who must destroy the unfit. Who must kill goblins. Karas Hunter: Determined to saly the goblin-breeding wizard, Yaust, and save the world. Echo: A warrior chief. He's lost his tribe to Yaust's mutants. He may lose his life!

Code Name: Slaughter Five

No food. Stringent birth control. Cannibalism. Legalized murder. It made no difference. The population continued to increase. And Starve. Population reduction was Slaughter's aim. Revol was his method. For, a lot of people would die in a revolution!

El Cid: Crooked Mouth

Garcia Ordonez' tongue was as twisted as his face. He hated El Cid. Whispered that Cid harbored the King's Moorish enemies. Fed them. Treated them as guests. Many believed. El Cid was called to answer before God, King, and the Demon who plotted his ruin!

Oogie and the Junkers

Leroy was a Buck Blaster freak. He'd seen every show. Bought every cassette. Read every book. Even owned a uniform and decoder ring. Only thing he didn't have was Buck's voluptuous sidekick, Thelma Starbust. And an obliging alien was planning to give him her!

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