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Noxious Newspage

All the news that's printed to give fits! Stirring accounts of the upcoming adaptation of "The Voyage of the Space Beagle", the second Warren-Marvel softball game, and a promise of more Vampi stories!

The Mist

Lucifer de Montalban and his voodoo cultist have left a bloody trail of death and decay in their wake! Now they plan to turn the kidnapped Victoria Westgate into something a bit less than...human!

The Mist II

Midnight in Central Park! The sounds of an obscene voodoo ritual pierce the air! A woman's soft flesh dissolves and an unearthly being emerges from her body to take revenge against her tormentors!

The Limbo Men

Granny Gutman's arch-enemy, Furor, has corked up Mout St. Helen's hoping to cause world-wide chaos and destruction, but he doesn't know what chaos is until he's met the might Limbo men!


Prof. Jason Flagg woke to find himself in a nightmarish realm of demons hell-bent on burning him at the stake! His experiment had worked...but the proudest day of his life might well be his last!


Doctor John Watson's faithful account of Sherlock Holmes' dazzling solution of the Study in Scarlet mystery...a bizarre tale of tragic love, vengeance, and multiple murder spanning two continents.

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