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Eerie's Earful

Read it here first...before wire services all over the country pick it up! The latest listing of what's new in the world of Warren related by your hippopotamus-jowled Cousin himself!

The Rook

Restin Dane knew what the monstrous, shape-shifting alien was more than just a threat to his life! For if he died in the icy wastes of earth's future, no one could save the planet from freezing to death!


Of all the deadly dangers Chris and Mara had encountered, none were more fearsome than the frog people, who begged them to give up and let them eat them while their insides were still warm!


There are many kinds of heroes! Like six-year-old Billy Bryant, bravely facing death in a hospital room. He knew that his comic book heroes couldn't do anything to help him now. Or...could they?


Haggarth at last had them in his possession...the mystic Kanthar Stones that gave the Amazons their incredible power! What wold he do with them? What else but...cast them into the water!

Warren Awards

Announced at last...the 1981 recipients of the comicdom's most coveted honors! Nebres, Thorne, Bermejo, de la Fuente, Cuti, Caravana, Redondo, and Fastener and Larson get their well-deserved kudos!

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