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Little is known about Edmund Roth, C.I.A spook and all-around super patriot. His first appearance in comics involved his recruitment of Jenny Swensen into the C.I.A., under the auspices of Project: Spitfire, a small operation meant to curb the growing proliferation of M.A.X. technology throughout the globe. Since her father invented the M.A.X. technology, well, Roth needed her.

He put Jenny through her paces, testing her mettle to the ultimate degree, and once she'd passed his tests, Edmund offered her a job. She was kind of wishy-washy about it, so he dropped her and another operative, Jake Travest, into M.A.X.-infested Afghanistan to prove how desperate the Project's job was. Luckily, the two managed to survive the experience (without armor of their own, even)!

After this little riot, Jenny and Jake joined up with the Project, and Edmund continued to push both combatants into furthering his goals of American supremacy. He continued on with Project: Spitfire throughout the run of Codename: Spitfire and beyond, until the New Universe was canned. It is presumed that, in the aftermath of the War, he is still in charge of the Project.

Which, in the end, would quite an important agency, what with the massive amounts of paranormals that are appearing across the planet. After all, several governments would try to get their hands on M.A.X. technology to counter the threat that such individuals would present to the global balance of power. And then, Project: Spitfire would have to set them straight, of course...

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