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Edward Fyers was created by Mike Grell, first appearing in Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters #3. He is stated to be 5'8" at 140 lbs.

Eddie and Green Arrow

Eddie Fyers
Eddie Fyers

Eddie Fyers began his life as a CIA agent; he was given the task of capturing or killing Shado who had committed murders in. This brought him into direct contact with Green Arrow who was also trying to capture Shado and also find the missing Black Canary. Eddie and Ollie became enemies, with Ollie on the wrong side of the law doing what he wanted. The two from time to time where forced to team up, at first Fyers did not trust Green Arrow and tried everything he could to take him down, even going so far as to implicate Ollie in a terrorist attack. But as time went on the two found common ground and soon sparked up a friendship. Eddie became a close friend to the Arrow family working along with Roy Harper (Speedy at the time) and Green Arrow. He left the CIA and became freelance.

Eddie and Connor

Connor In Action
Connor In Action

But it was Connor Hawke that Eddie grew closer to, Connor was the son of Green Arrow and had only just started started their relationship when Ollie died in a plane crash saving Metropolis. Before his death Ollie had asked if Eddie would look after Connor if anything should ever happen to him. Eddie and Connor grew closer and closer and Eddie became like a father to him. Ollie returned from the dead, but Eddie stayed with Connor anyway even accompanying him to his temple to help him meditate over everything that had happened. Connor received an innovation to an archery contest and once again Eddie met Shado and along with Connor uncovered a plot to release a dragon in the heart of. Eddie helped supply weapons after they where forced to escape the compound to stop the dragon, he managed to use his old contacts to get hold of a rocket launcher that blew a chunk of the Dragons scales off and allowed Connor to get the shot with a magic arrow.

But before Connor could shot, Eddie saved both his life and Shado's and was badly injured due to burns all over his body. The last time Eddie was seen was at the wedding of Black Canary and Green Arrow, no one knows his current location.

Other media

Sebastian Dunn on Arrow
Sebastian Dunn on Arrow


Eddie Fyers appeared in the TV series Arrow portrayed by Sebastian Dunn. He's featured as the British leader of a group of mercenaries who are looking for Yao Fei on the island of Lian Yu, a former Chinese prison, at the same time that Ollie Queen is stranded. Working for him is Slade Wilson's former partner Wintergreen and eventually Yao Fei himself, who works for him by holding his daughter Shado captive.

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