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 Eddie begs for a job.

Eddie Buckley had a whole issue from his prospective in issue eight the first DC produced regular series of the Blue Beetle. In the story he wants to change his ways of being a criminal. He tries to get a job at Kord industries but is turned down. When he feels he has no other options he gets a job working for the Calculator. When he is in too deep Ted Kord gives him the honest job he had been looking for the whole time. Unfortunately it is too late for him and he gets busted by the Blue Beetle himself. Unknown to the Eddie Buckley the Blue Beetle is also Ted Kord. Blue Beetle knows him more than just a henchmen so he has sympathy for him. Eddie Buckley also helps save Beetle from the calculator. This leaves Beetle helping Eddie Buckley with the police and he also tells him that there is still a job for him at Kord industries when ever he is able to work.

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