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I was on comicvine and found a great panel from Venom's earliest appearance (Spiderman#300 something), and I must say that the artist created some interesting details to Venom's look. For one, his teeth are not incredibly sharp or over done; the mouth is relatively normal in size. 
The eyes are basically Spidey's eyes while still very sinister. Venom's frame is , taller than Spiderman, but not Hulk tall. The only thing missing is the claws. Compare this to later incarnations of Venom and you notice he becomes very exaggerated. His eyes get all "wispy", he gets that stupid tounge and then as gargan he grows 15 feet tall.
Had they stuck with the original style of Venom, I think the character would have been taken more seriously. Instead Marvel played up the whole alien concept to a ridiculous level and currently Venom looks like a T-rex, but only sometimes.
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they just want to make more than just a guy in a suit okay

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This image is from ASM 315. I really like the big long tongue and the sharp teeth. It makes him look more gruesome

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Could somone tell me which comics have Eddie in the hospital with cancer?

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