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We have met the enemy and she is Ivy M. Raven, head of security for the Heitzer Nuclear Research Institute. With 72% of their multi-billion dollar, liquid metal Beta suit missing, and Julie Martin as the prime suspect, Raven is on the hunt and Julie is her prey! Don't miss this 3rd chapter of the exciting new series from SiP creator Terry Moore!

A fast-paced, exciting tale, ECHO begins literally with a bang and moves along quickly, dispersing just enough information and introducing new characters along the way to keep you interested and wondering what will happen next.

Issue #3 opens with a page recounting the story thus far, then plunges headlong into events. Julie is still confused as to what's going on with this metallic breastplate thing and is trying to figure out how to get it off. She's seen a doctor who, upon touching it, was shocked and wound up losing a fingernail. The doctor, feeling that Julie was playing some sort of prank, threw her out of the hospital. (This business was not entirely convincing; what kind of device would someone wear that would shock you and make your fingernail fall off? And why would a seemingly ordinary woman who is in obvious distress do that? Other than that, I was able to accept most of the plot points thus far.) As the breastplate stays on Julie longer, though, it gives her an almost soothing feeling.

In the middle of all this craziness, she's also in divorce proceedings. She's been trying to get in contact with her husband, Rick, but he doesn't want to have anything to do with her. Finally, she tracks him down outside his job and practically implores him to touch her breastplate, which, understandably, confuses him. She had previously met with her sister, now in a mental ward. While definitely suffering from major psychological problems–whose exact origins are yet undisclosed, but which have something to do with the seeming loss of her family--, the sister appears to have an intuitive sense about Julie. She even touches the breastplate and is not shocked. Julie wants to find out why she has no bad reaction to it, which is why she tries to get her husband to touch it as well. She wants to know why some people are immune to it, but with Rick even refusing to touch it, she's left wondering.

All the while she's trying to figure out what's going on with herself, the military is searching for her and their $2.5 billion experiment. They have gotten a satellite photo of the test site and she’s in it. They have also discovered that someone else was near the site as well, though they have no clear photo of them. As we discover, though, this other person might not possess good intentions with regard to the powers he or she has been given by the suit's fallout.







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