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Sgt. Rocks Easy Co.

 Sgt Rock's Easy Co
Sgt Rock's Easy Co

At the battle of Three Stripes Hill, Private Frank Rock gained a field promotion to sergeant and became the man all the other Easy Joes looked to for leadership. It was Sgt. Rock who forged Easy Company into the legendary fighting unit it became, fighting its way through Sicily, Italy, France, Belgium, Holland and ultimately, Germany.

Nick-named the Combat-happy Joes, the men of Easy were as unique as their names. Corporal " Bulldozer" Nichols was Rock's second in command. Private Phil Mason hated the heat, but turned out to be a perfect " Ice Cream" soldier when it came to combat in freezing weather. A soft spoken History teacher became a " Wildman" when pushed too far, and a full blooded Apache Indian named " Little Sure Shot" was Easy's ace point man.

" Four Eyes" was Easy's spectacled sharpshooter, while " Worry Wart" was firmly convinced that every bullet had his name on it. When Bazooka man Zack Nolan lost an arm in combat and was sent stateside, two misfits called " Long Round" and " Short Round" took his place as Easy's Bazooka men. Easy counted ex heavyweight boxing champ Jackie Johnson among its roster, as well as whistling Canary who cheered Easy with his perpetual song, and a " Farmer Boy" who refused to let the war stop him from doing what he was born to do.

Dozens of others passed through Easy's ranks as the long tortuous months wore on: "Sunny" and "Wee Willie" and "Heavy" and "Lonesome" and "Shaker" and "Beanpole" were just some of the characters who were either wounded or killed in action along the way - proving that nothing was ever easy in Easy. It is unclear whether the members of Easy Company survived the War.


 Joe Rock's Easy Co
Joe Rock's Easy Co

Easy Co appears once again in the Men of War series, this time lead by Sgt. Joe Rock who takes over from Sgt. Torisi after he was killed in action.

Other Media

Justice League Unlimited


Easy Co. appear in the Justice League Unlimited episode "The Savage Time".

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