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Table politics are explosive.

The Good

Every month this title comes out I am as happy as a squirrel with nuts. This book is so great. Last issue we met all the players of the nations. It was interesting because we saw the chosen scattered around amongst all of the leaders. This issue we pick up with a little scene with Doma Lux before getting straight back to the table. This whole issue is the conversation around the table with all the Nations. It is fantastic. Very interesting scenes as Xaolin and Madame President interact.

Other things that happen around this table are interesting. Bel Solomon goes a little nuts. That is a really interesting scene. Some other things happen that I won't gve away. But the fuse is lit, more so than before.

The artwork. Let me rant a little about the artwork. Dragotta's pencils are so fantastic and Martin's colours are always a huge sell for me. The scene with Bel Solomon is probably the best drawn of the issue. The art is so engaging and satisfying.

The Bad

I never have anything to complain about in these titles. One scene was a little confusing. You have to keep track of who is all at the table to be sure. It also just doesn't make sense how the one guy was affected from what happened.

The Verdict

Overall, this issue was fantastic. Hickman knows how to write great dialogue and this issue totally proves that. There was no mention about Death but that is fine, these individuals are just as important with what is going on as everyone else in the story. The title keeps building up to something great and I cannot wait to see the developments of what happens after this.

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