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Il pianeta dei morti 

In a anything but desirable future, the undead have been included in the chain production by assigning them the most menial and Inspector Dog, disgusted by human barbarity, is called upon to make a choice on which depend the survival of life on the planet. 


What if the future, instead of being "already written" was "already registered"? would it be possible, seeing the video in advance, to change the program that fate has in the schedule for us? This is what Dylan has to find out in the hours that separate him from the moment he’ll meet his murderer. 

Il mago degli affari 

Ethan Warwick is a true wizard of business. His talent for predicting trends in the financial market led him to become rich and established. A position attained by some sacrifices and compromises with a past where it lies a disturbing secret, tailor-made for the Investigator of Nightmare. 

L’Inferno in Terra 

Dylan Dog and a young girl in need of help are having a quiet walk through the streets of London when unexpected and devastating, the specter of a war against a mysterious foe strikes.the City, transformed into a carousel of horrors.







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