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The rain-drenched forests of Dxun are home to a variety of predators that make any colonization nearly impossible, along with the fact that the weather makes most machines malfunction and require regular repairs.

The Mandalorian Wars

Led by Mand'alor the Ultimate, the Mandalorian Neo-C
 Mand'alor the Indomitable is killed by the hostile fauna of Dxun
 Mand'alor the Indomitable is killed by the hostile fauna of Dxun
rusaders established a base on the moon of Dxun, from which they could invade the Republic. When Mandalorian forces began their attack on the Republic, the first world to fall was the nearby world of Onderon, which fell in mere hours of fighting. Later Republic forces fought a bloody battle on Dxun against the Mandalorians but it was little more than a rear guard action on their part. When the Jedi Knight Revan joined the war his tactics managed to push the Mandalorians back to their original stages grounds on Dxun, where a far more bloody battle was fought, the Republic losing ten soldiers for every Mandalorian killed. Before the Republic forces arrived, Mandalorian engineers had constructed hidden weapons caches throughout the jungle in case the Mandalorians should ever return. 

Return of the Mandalorians

Canderous Ordo, returned to the planet under the title Mand'alor
 Part of the Mandalorian Base on Dxun
 Part of the Mandalorian Base on Dxun
 and set about reorganizing the Mandalorians. He gathered a small group of Mandalorian Mercenaries under the banner of clan Ordo and set about restoring the Mandalorian base to running order. Keeping their presence a secret from both the Republic and the people of Onderon, killing any scouts that came to close to the encampment. It was Canderous' hope that the Mandalorians on Dxun would regain their former glory. 
During the events leading up to the Onderon Civil War, the Jedi Exile, the General who had commanded the Republic forces in the second battle of Dxun crash landed on Dxun after a brief engagement with Onderon's military. After fighting her way through Dxun's vast assortment of predators, the Exile encountered a group of Mandalorians, who took her and her party to meet their new Mand'alor. When the Exile headed to the capital of Onderon, Iziz to assist the queen in defeating General Vaklu, The Mandalorians loaned the Exile a partially operational Basilisk War Droid to reach the city, this not being the first time Basilisk War Droids had descended from Onderon's skies,

Later members of the Exile's party would fight several dozen Sith Troopers, Officers as well as Dark Jedi and Sith inside and around the Tomb of Freedom Nadd, which was located on Dxun.

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