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This was a much more subdued issue that the previous two.   It is ironically fitting considering what Powerhaus is doing in this issue.  

This issue felt like set-up for something bigger later on.   Based on the end of the issue, I doubt one the characters here is done in this story like they say they are.   So far, each of the issue covers have given us a heads-up of which Dv8 character we’re going to focus on: issue one focused on Copycat, issue two on Bliss, and here we focus on Powerhaus.   It’s a nice story structure because each of the kids gets their time in the spotlight.  

Rebekah Isaacs art continues to be solid and she does some beautiful landscapes in this one as well.   You can tell by her attention to facial expressions that she’s really paying attention to Brian Wood’s script and accurately conveying the emotion of what’s being said in the dialogue.

Powerhaus is a character I really don’t know much about.   Wood does a great job of catching us up on what his powers are and also deals with some of the consequences of his particular power.   You can tell Wood really thought about how these powers would affect each character.

Overall, a good issue but I know some bigger is coming.   I have a feeling that each of our little stops with each character will build to something really cool here when all is said and done.

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