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Dust-Devil was created by Dan Didio and Philip Tan, first appearing in The Outsiders #27 - The Road Divided


New face of disaster
New face of disaster

Little is known about the history of the woman naming herself Dust-Devil before she joined the group called the Masters of Disaster. She is a mercenary and has somewhat control of wind and atmosphere phenomena in a very localized area allowing her control over a natural destructive force.

The main opponents of the Masters of Disasters over the years have been the Outsiders, and New-Wave seems to always have been their leader. It appears that after New-Waves sister Windfall's death while with the Suicide Squad and Shakedown's death at New-Waves hands she needed two spots to be filled. It is not known how exactly Dust-Devil came in contact with the group but she is as amoral as her new boss. She and another villain going by the name Mudslide soon joined the team of mercenaries.

Now that the team was once again reformed they were notified to cause a distraction while attacking the royal castle of the country of Markovia, once again coming into conflict with Geo-Force and the newly formed Outsiders. However New Wave expected to gain an advantage with Its newly consisting members of Dust Devil, and Mudslide. They encountered the Outsiders, and fought in a heated battle with the Creeper beating both Dust-Devil and Mudslide. However, the Outsiders began fighting each other due to a disagreement over tactics, and the Masters of Disaster escaped. Her current whereabouts are not known.

Power and Abilities

Whirlwind of pain
Whirlwind of pain

Aerokinesis: Dustdevil possesses the power of wind manipulation. She is able to mentally summon cyclones and whirlwinds, project powerful bursts of air in a very localized area. Some of these abilities which she has demonstrated are.

  • Cyclone Creation
  • Deflection: She is also is able to deflect approaching objects with some ease.
  • Air Blasts

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