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 Durok The Demolisher
 Durok The Demolisher

While the Odin ring was left lone unwatched Loki took this opportunity and took it. Loki now being able to be called rulers first order was he ordered Odin to sleep. After this Loki then convinced Karnilla Queen of Nornhiem to create a being strong enough to destroy  Thor. She was able to create such a creature but stated she didn’t have the power to make it come to life. Loki thought this moment might happen and with the Odin ring he brought the creature to life naming it Durok the Destroyer and also said to him “for demolishing shall be your mission”. A few moments later Thor would come into the room launching himself at Durok but Loki teleported Durok to a place he thought he would be better fit to cause destruction. Loki teleported Durok to Earth.

Just as Loki planned Thor would follow Durok to Earth where they would start a long raging battle. Even with Thor’s great effort it was becoming and staying at a stalemate. Back in Asgard however Balder had convinced Queen Karnilla to teleport the both of them to Earth. Although Balder had to agree not to help Thor fight Durok and destroy him, she also pointed out that Balder had sworn allegiance to her as well. Balder would then take out his sword as they were on Earth and let out a signal for help although it got no answer. The two then climbed up to the highest point on Earth, Mount Everest, and he called out again for another signal. Karnilla told him that if he was calling for Odin he was basically out of luck due to Odin being in his legendary sleep.

Balder answered back that the person he calls for isn’t Odin nor is this person from Asgard or Earth. Eventually the being he was calling for help finally came, it was the Silver Surfer. Balder then explained the situation with Thor to Silver Surfer but the Silver Surfer was some what bitter and he didn’t want to get involved or help out in the situation. While all this was happening Karnilla was getting jealous of Balder's loyalty to Thor instead of her, which she thought wasn’t very good. She attacked Balder by smothering him with levitated pieces of Earth, nearly killing him. The Surfer couldn’t stand to see the violence and decided to attack Karnilla himself until she let Balder go, after which Surfer healed Balder. Balder although healed remarked on how he was sad he couldn’t get help for Thor. Surfer simply says that he did and that he will help for showing such loyalty to Thor.

Silver Surfer makes it to the battle field to see Thor knocked out unconscious laying on the ground in a water dock. Seeing Thor knocked out, Surfer used his board to keep Durok held on to a wall while he examined Thor, who at first he thought was dead. He decided he would keep a spark of life to blossom by the help of the Power Cosmic. When Thor woke up they had a small conversation, and Surfer decided he would deal with Durok while he let Thor go to Asgard to deal with Loki. Durok had then broke the wall he was kept on by Surfers board and him and Durok engaged in a vicious battle with Durok actually having the upper hand. The battle leaned towards Durok's side, as the battle didn’t look too much better for Surfer then it did for Thor. Durok even managed to down Surfer a well as smashing Surfers board. The Surfer then used the Power Cosmic to catch the fragments of the board and rebuild it as him and Durok went into battle once more. Durok and Surfer eventually ended up traveling at the speeds greater then the speed of light, mostly due to Surfer while still trading blows. The two eventually land at a future Earth after battling an entire millennium. Surfer then said a few words of how he didn’t care of what happened to Earth, and how since Durok is a destroyer, he shall live on a destroyed Earth forever.

Thor Kills Durok
Thor Kills Durok

Later on however Durok was brought by Loki again to help in the conquest of Asgard. He joined Fenris Wolf, Trolls, and giants in the attack of Vanaheim. Durok had struck Valkyrie from the sky. Durok also attempted to kill Sif as well but she got hold of Valkyries’s sword Dragonfang and stabbed him. Thor wielded the Fenris Wolf as a weapon, now attached to a chain, against Durok. Thor had Durok to himself now and with no Mjolnir he had to find the power inside himself to fight Durok and in the end Thor came out on top, killing Durok.


Durok About To Finish Sif Off
Durok About To Finish Sif Off

Durok had a high amount of invulnerability, being able to take hits from beings like Thor and Silver Surfer. He had high strength said to be over 75 tons, but most likely much higher since he is able to match Thor in strength. He could also use energy blasts and fired them from his hands. These were strong enough to take the Surfer down after a number of hits. He was also a very good tactical fighter,  even without the experience he was able to keep a stalemate with Thor and even come out on top.


His purpose was to destroy, and that was the main thing Durok could do. He couldn’t even speak through out the whole comic. Surfer even stated how his silence annoyed him while they were fighting and flying at faster then light speeds. He also never spoke a word to Thor throughout their whole fight.

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