What do you think about the new Flash series?

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Do you like the new Flash series?

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 Though it would have been better if it had been about Wally.
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I am currently loving the book, never knew Johns could right lighthearted.
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very intriguing
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It's pretty decent so far, but I don't find the current arc with the Renegades to be very intriguing.

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@brc2000 said:
" It's pretty decent so far, but I don't find the current arc with the Renegades to be very intriguing. "
yea, the renegades are pretty cool especially comander cold and the trickster
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Love it, and I didn't even remotely like the Flash before.

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Its pretty good.  I'm loving the art.  Barry is a likeable protagonist with dozens of great villains and the changes that have been made to his character and the way Central City runs seem to be for the better if you can ignore the whole "MY MOTHER IS DEEEEEEEEAD!" angle. 
Really, the only things that are bothersome are the retconned history of Dr. Alchemy (who already has a pretty awesome origin, especially by Silver Age standards) and the fact that Barry and Iris look about 23 when they should be closer to 40.  That's something that bugs me about most DC comics but its a lot worse when Barry's standing next to his nephew who looks older than him.
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loving the new series. it's my current favorite ongoing comic out right now.

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This book is, in my opinion, the best Flash book in years, and it's only 3 issues in!
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Wally's Flash had some real high points but I've always been a Barry fan. I blame the TV series.
Likin' this one. The slow pace suits me.

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It's the best Flash book of the decade! LOL!
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This series is really good. I really like Wally as the flash in the previous Flash series, and never really knew much about Barry but he is starting to grow on me. I will definitely keep buying this book.

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I'm loving every minute of it. This title is what all comics should be: a perfect balance between story and action. It's got it all, drama, suspense,action and comedy.   
The only thing that kinda bothers me is the art. Don't get me wrong I LOVE Manapul's work, he puts a lot of detail into every panel and that's a big thing for me (I hate when artists are lazy and just throw a white square behind a panel with no actual background), BUT It kinda feels a tad too "Animated Series" for me. I would much rather have Manapul on the new Superboy series and Ivan Reis or Diogenes Neves on The flash.  
Other than that it's freaking perfect! And I say this as a Wally West fan.

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I started getting into comics recently because I heard of this new Flash series and thought it would be a good place to jump in.  I'm loving every issue so far and Francis Manapul's artwork is amazing.  I hope the series continues with Barry, I liked the Rebirth books but this new run is much better.  I just wish there were more of the Rogues because I think they are some of the best villains.  I like that they have morals and are upset at Captain Boomerang for all he did before he died.  Hopefully as the series continues they will be the ones facing off against the Flash.

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it is ok i guess

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