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We already know who I pick for Wally West (I'll reiterate below) but Mbecks14 was about to cry (kidding) when I said I didn't want to put Barry Allan in the movie so I racked my brain and here's the results in whole...and before you say anything, I don't care that he already played Two-Face DKR, I choose...


Aaron Eckhart as Barry Allen/The (silver age) Flash

Yeah. And again...


Joel Mchale as Wally West/The Flash

Next I'll play my uber fantasy 'times O past' cast early and say that...


David Carradine 30 odd years ago would have been the absolute best Captain Cold. Hands down. Nobody else that I've seen currently (I'm still looking though) can match the presence that this bad ass alpha male villain possesses. He's like the Johny Cash of super villains. Even his fellow Rogues have nothing but fear and respect for this guy. And the actor has to be able to pull all that off. Something Carradine could have done in his sleep.

Alright, this next one I'm not completely sold on till I've watched more of his stuff but dude's got all the makings, visually.


Matthew Gray Gubler as The Weather Wizard.

I need to see Gubler in a more of an asshole role before I can mark this as concrete. Weather Wizard has a pretty mean superiority complex.

Next two are the "general DC" folks. First one kinda seems like I can do better, so I'm not finalizing it just yet but...


Josh Brolin as Deathstroke? I know, I know. He already did Jonah Hex and is kind of known for his bad-assery but the dude so looks the part. Idk, like I said..I'm not totally content with it. The Search goes on, but he's for sure in the runnings.

Last but not least. Well, lets introduce this one in a more special way. *clears throat*

Gone! Gone! — the form of (borrow)man —

Rise, the Demon Etrigan!!


Yeah. John Barrowman as Jason Blood/The Demon. I know, right? So..ok, this is what Wikipedia had to say on Jason Blood's role...

"Jason Blood

Jason Blood is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant. His skills include mastery in swordsmanship. Jason is also adept at magic, and is often called upon to act as an advisor or investigator in occult matters (such as in the series Arkham Asylum: Living Hell). He also has limited precognition and telepathy. Jason is technically immortal as he is connected to the demon Etrigan. He also has the combined experiences of all the time since he was bonded to the demon. Jason Blood unfortunately shares all of Etrigan's weaknesses."

I think Barrowman's got this=]

Merlin's Demon from Hell is often associated with fire, but never before has he been this flaming. *wink*

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Matthew Gray Gubler as The Weather Wizard.

Flails. This is...I don't even. It's perfect.

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Aaron Eckhart is a good call! I still don't see Joel McHale as Wally but all the other casting looks pretty spot on!

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Its... meh... and Deathstroke and Etrigan aren't Flash characters

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@GR2Blackout said:

Its... meh... and Deathstroke and Etrigan aren't Flash characters

Hence why I said "Next two are the "general DC" folks." My bad for not just posting the pics and doing w/o the commentary=P

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These are amazing picks. I, a grown man, squealed when I saw John Barrowman as Jason Blood. It's just too perfect for words. And I do think that Joel McHale as Wally is brilliant, he can play Wally's snarky sense of humor perfectly.

Might I make a suggestion of my own. Aaron Eckhart as Barry is great, especially for (as you already noted) a Silver Age Flash. My post New 52 Barry (the character is much different now, anyone will admit) is as follows...


I think Bradley Cooper would be an awesome New 52 Barry. He is funnier now than he used to be (his role in JL kinda proves that), more light hearted, and I think Cooper could give us that.

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I hope a Flash film does take off.

That's the problem with the DC film franchise (including their Original Animated Films): they focus a bit too heavily on just Batman and Superman. Both Bats and Supes have/are entering reboots, whilst other popular characters such as Wonder Woman or Aquaman have yet to make any big-screen appearance. Some haven't even made a significant live-action appearance.

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