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Hi guys.

So in kingdome come we know that wally is fused with the speed force and becomes that awesome red guy.

My question is, I heard that there is a kingdome come special all about the flash... how is it called?

And in what issue flash is fused with the speed force?

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@StreetFigther: Looks like you're a victim of the CV double-post:


Unfortunately I can't Flag anything at the moment. Hopefully the mods will take care of it.

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I thought that was Barry Allen.

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@evilvegeta74: Nah. Kingdom Come Flash is Wally. Barry had been long dead when Mark Waid decided to write the definitive story about the future of the DCU.

@StreetFigther: I don't remember there being any one-shot's tying to "Kingdom Come". I believe the entire story is told in the 4 issue mini-series. "The Kingdom" (the sequel to Kingdom Come) on the other hand had multiple one-shot tie ins including a "Kingdom Come: Kid Flash" special focusing on Wally's daughter. There was however no Flash special focusing on Wally.

To answer your other question there is no actual issue where we see Wally bond with the speed force.

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@Onemoreposter: Ok.Thank you.

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@StreetFigther: no problemo

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