Who was/is the best Robin?

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I'm going to have to go with Jason Todd. His life, death, and rebirth is the most tragic story in all the Batman mythos. It put's a light on the seriousness of what Batman is doing when he chooses to bring others in with him to his world. Jason was Batman's biggest mistake, and it will always haunt him just as much as his own parents' death.

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Seriously dude, you're new but use the forum search bar. This is as old as dirt. For the love of all that is good, use the search bar before you try to make a thread.

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flagged only because its a duplicate

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No need to flag. My vote goes for Dick

Welcome to the vine

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My bad homies :D

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Yeah, this guy is new, I doubt he has any idea of the search bar. I sure didn't when I first started. Welcome to Comicvine, just make sure before you make a thread to search it in case it's already been done. As to answer your question, the best Robin is and will always be DICK GRAYSON!!!!

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Dick Grayson set the standard for the others to follow. I would even go as far as to say that Damian respects Dick and looks up to him(as much as he could).

I like Tim Drake a lot. He made a great Robin. He is a better detective than Dick. Maybe even a better tactical mind. He doesn't have the instinct or the athletic ability of Dick Grayson.

BTW, I voted to off Jason Todd. LOL!

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best robin will always be Richard Grayson, however the best robin who should become batman would be Tim Drake

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Tim Drake

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Drake was the best in his time as Robin. His ongoing single did a lot to get me into comics and identify better with superheroes, since I was just a kid at the time.

Dick is best post-Robin. Nightwing and Teen Titans did great things for the character and got him out of those ludicrous shorts.

Jason is only good because of the psychological damage done to Batman. Otherwise he is just a lamer form of Damian.

Damian's run has been too short to define him as the best Robin. He has certainly shaken things up the most of all other Robins, and I like his potential. Don't agree with some that he should become Batman when he is older though.

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