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Duckburg is one of the most important cities in USA (of Disney ducks-universe) and the world. It has been a home to various important, historic persons. It`s full of lost treasures, criminals (it seems that none of them have commited a murder, or at least none that are known of), celebrities, rich people, dangerous items (scientific ones, for example), inventors, scientists and who knows what. Many important events have been held there. It even has a few superheroes.

Duckburgs populace is extremely faithful to all kinds of forms of fashion. What`s hot and what`s not. Someone may invent something new and revolutional (or something "new" and "revolutional"), and suddenly everyone has to be a part of it, or be an owner of it. New inventions, weird clothes, forms of behavior (alot of times created by Donald duck, Scrooge McDuck or their supporting cast) etc. They will also go out of style very quickly. After this, the fashion status quo will revert back to the way it has been since the 40`s or the 50`s.

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