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Set in the far future where humanity is nothing but a far cry from what it is today, Druuna tells the story of Druuna, an incredibly voluptuous woman, as she finds herself having strange and erotic encounters with numerous strangers, monsters, mutants and other twisted creatures, often times submitting herself willfully to do sexual acts with other people in exchange for favors, supplies or simply because she wants to

Throughout the whole series, Druuna is seen either removing her clothes by herself or having her clothes torn away, leaving her naked for pretty much the rest of the volume

Style and content

The series is noteworthy for featuring explicit content in terms of both graphic violence and sex. Creatura, in fact, features near-totally explicit sexual penetration, and the three subsequent books feature totally uncensored penetration, but the series returned to a non-explicit depiction of penetration in such scenes with The Forgotten Planet. The main character is also featured in Serpieri's numerous sketchbooks, such as Obsession, Druuna X, Druuna X 2, Croquis, Serpieri Sketchbook, Serpieri Sketchbook 2 and The Sweet Smell of Woman. These books were successful, selling more than a million copies in twelve languages.

Most of Druuna's adventures revolve around a post-apocalyptic future, and the plot is often a vehicle for varied scenes of softcore and hard-core porno and sexual imagery.

Serpieri himself appears in many of the stories as the character Doc.


In the album Druuna X, Serpieri asserts that he had styled Druuna as influenced by Valérie Kaprisky's appearance in the film La Femme publique but because he had drawn too many Western comics those days, she nevertheless incarnated with Native American facial features. She is frequently depicted as sparsely clothed or nude, and Serpieri's high quality renditions of Druuna are often reproduced as poster prints. In most cases, Druuna's role is that of a willing sexual object, submitting to sexual advances of all kinds with little or no complaint, other than the occasional sad pout, though more than once she has been raped in the stories (she's not a completely helpless victim however; in the first book she's seen kicking a would be rapist in the groin). Again in Druuna X, Serpieri claims that the character's approach to sexual pleasures is a challenge Judeo-Christian morals on sexuality.

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