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Juliet Landau as Drusilla
Juliet Landau as Drusilla

Drusilla is one of the children of Angelus, the dark demon living inside Angel.

London 1860


In London 1860, Angelus and his enigmatic sire, Darla, were busy preying upon mortals, causing mayhem wherever they went. Angelus was at the time a powerful and sadistic vampire, reveling in the chase and torment more than the killing blow itself. Drusilla was his special project. From the moment that he spotted her, noticing her innocence and her gift of sight, Drusilla was a prize to be won. Maniacally and methodically killing off all of her family and friends, Angelus managed to twist Drusilla's mind, convincing her she was the daughter of Satan, a creature of chaos and death. That her gifts were a curse and that God was punishing her by destroying her life. In short, Angelus drove Drusilla mad.

At the apex of her madness Angelus turned her into a vampire, forever trapping her mind in its shattered state. Drusilla became a vampire with the gift of sight.

Darla, Angelus, and Drusilla
Darla, Angelus, and Drusilla

Drusilla soon became a powerful and vindictive vampire, taking great pleasure from carnage and spilled blood. As somewhat of a plaything for Angelus and Darla however, she grew forlorn, pining for a special plaything of her own. Drusilla found William, a melancholy and pathetic poet who was desperately in love with a woman who would have nothing to do with him. One night, Dru trapped him in an alley and convinced him to join her, promising that together they would rule the world.

Angelus's coven ran rampant through London with the new vampire, William, having unleashed a dark side of his personality, wreaking terrible havoc for his lover, Drusilla. William soon changed his name to William the Bloody and then to Spike.


Vampiric Love
Vampiric Love

Centuries later, Spike and Dru ventured in search of their former playmate, Angelus; the blood of her sire was required to restore Drusilla's health after a brutal attack in Prague left her debilitated. Their search led them to Sunnydale, where they found Angel, his soul restored, living with his star-crossed, true love, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Having captured Angel and purging him once again of his soul, Spike managed to restore Drusilla but not before The Scooby Gang attacked, leaving Spike in a wheelchair. Roles reversed as Drusilla now worked to restore Spike to health, while supporting Angel's transformation to his merciless former self, Angelus. Angelus was reborn into full brutality, tormenting even Spike with his flirtatious behavior toward Drusilla and derisive comments about his misfortune.

Shortly thereafter, Drusilla, having grown even more pitiless since the transformation of her beloved sire, began collaborating with Angelus to restore The Judge, an ancient being whose power absorbed good and destroyed innocence. Buffy and the gang once again stopped Drusilla's plan but not before Buffy had to kill Angel. Spike, revealing himself to be fully healed, captured his distraught lover and together they fled Sunnydale.

Some time later, Spike confesses to Buffy that Drusilla has left him for another demon and broken his heart.

Los Angeles

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, Wolfram and Hart sought Drusilla's help to resurrect Darla and cause mayhem for Angel. He managed to put a stop to their plans, but once again Drusilla was free. Upon her return to Spike in Sunnydale, Drusilla was disgusted to learn of her former love's infatuation with the Slayer. Furious with him, Drusilla tried to capture him, but was stopped by Buffy and forced to flee Sunnydale.

Drusilla was last seen roaming with a fungus demon.

Powers and Abilities

Clairvoyance: She can feel the story of the places which she visits.

A dangerous opponent
A dangerous opponent

Telepathy: She can see into people's minds and project false imagery into them. Drusilla had these powers since before being made a vampire.

Aura-reading: She can read people, tell there intentions and what kind of a person they are.

Heal Factor: She regenerates damage, and heals much faster than humans.

Precognition: She receives vivid visions that contain possible glimpses of the future.

Immortality: She can live forever, and is hundreds of years old.

Strength: She is able to hold her own against other vampires such as Spike and Angel. She is stronger than most vampires and demons.

Hypnosis: She is capable of hypnotizing people, mesmerizing her prey and rendering them helpless. She was able to do this against Kendra, a slayer, and kill her. "Look at me, Dearie. Be in my eyes. Be in me."

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