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The coming of Droom!!

Droom started off as a regular reptile called Droomedia Rex and was supposedly one of the most vicious reptiles. A scientist created a growth serum that increased the size of vegetables and fruits and wanted to show his findings to his friend who was a curator at a local museum. The curator had the Droomedia Rex reptile in his box when it escaped while the two men were talking about the growth serum. The lizard knocked over a vile and the growth serum splashed all over the reptile. The creature started growing and growing until it reached a height of mountains. Droom started destroying the town and the local police and militia could not stop it. The Air Force tried to stop Droom with a nuclear bomb but that failed when the creature snatched the plane from the sky. The military devised plan X which involved thousands of soldiers. These men attached rockets that were powered by solar energy to Droom's feet as it was distracted by fighter jets. The military activated the countdown and Droom was launched into space where it stopped growing and drifted aimlessly in suspended animation for ten million years. 



Droom is a Marvel comics character created by Stan Lee and Don Heck and first appears in Tales To Astonish #9. 

Powers and Abilities

Droom is a gigantic reptile with superhuman strength and durability. Droom has razor sharp claws and has an extremely high resistance to injury. Droom can survive in the vacuum of space. For a period of time Droom experienced exponential growth of the likes to where his foot print was the size of a city.  

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