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First Dream Probe
First Dream Probe

First version of Dream Probe was created by Leonard Price, who thought that dream state can cure people. His test subject was young boy by the name of Ernest Fairchild. According to his parents, Ernie was antisocial and they wanted him to feel love. In Price's Dream Probe, Ernie met a beautiful woman who loved him. When he went home and murdered his parents and neighbors, Price dismantled the machine thinking it to be failure.

Years later Mary Young, having perfected the Dream Probe and naming it Neurotech, coincidentally selected her test subject the same Ernest Fairchild. Price protested against it but his decision was overruled by his superiors. Mary built the machine with working help and the curing was ready to begin. In theory the machine released criminals from their murderous urges. When Mary hit the switch, the machine blew up, killing Ernest. But it was something that this machine was not meant to do; it was in fact Lady Death who caused the machine to explode. Again thinking the prototype to be failure, it was left as it was.

Miniature Dream Probe
Miniature Dream Probe

Months later, General Ramsey hunting now resurrected Evil Ernie, had the Dream Probe miniaturized. Easily transported he used the Dream Probe to trap Ernie in a dream loop. Ernie's mind was stronger than machine though and broke free of its hold. Again the technology was seen as a failure.

Later Dr. Price and Mary Young returned to old asylum and rebuilt Neurotech to use it as conduit to Ernie's mind. However Ernie's mind was in contact with hell, and Mary's astral projection was transported to hell. There she was attacked by Purgatori and the machine caused a feedback, comatosing Mary. Also making it the first Neural Astral machine.

Months later when Evil Ernie was searching a way to contact Lady Death, he kidnapped Mary Young and asked her to build a machine. Mary used the concept behind Dream Probe and Neurotech, plus her latest try with Neural Astral research. Stolen material about teleportation and dozen of scientist managed to build the machine. Lady Death arrived on Earth but released the wave of arcane energy, later named as Pandora Effect. She needed to be sent back to save earth from breaking apart.

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