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Having defeated the Red Ribbon Army single-handedly and taken their Dragon Balls, Goku finds that one is still missing! To locate it, he goes to the palace of the All-Seeing Crone, Baba Uranai, who can find anything in the world...for a price! The crone agrees to find the Dragon Ball for free if Goku and his friends--Yamcha, Pu'ar, Kuririn and Upa--can best her five supernatural champions in one-on-one combat. but even if they can beat Dracula, the Mummy, and the Devil, the final challenger just might give Goku the shock of his life!

Chapter Titles

  • Tale 97: The Lost Dragon Ball
  • Tale 98: The All-Seeing Crone
  • Tale 99: The Five Champions
  • Tale 100: Battle of the Bleeders
  • Tale 101: The Devil's Cesspool
  • Tale 102: Goku at the Plate!
  • Tale 103: The Power of Goku
  • Tale 104: The Beam of Evil
  • Tale 105: The Last Champion
  • Tale 106: Strong vs. Strong
  • Tale 107: To Win by a Tail
  • Tale 108: Son Gohan

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