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Original Title: 真夜中の訪問者たち (Mayonaka no Houmonsha-tachi)

Night falls in earnest as Oolong forcibly offers up his only DynoCap, a large mobile home for Goku & Bulma sleep in for the night. After telling off Oolong, Bulma takes a shower and prepares for bed, while at the table, Goku explains what the Dragon Balls are to Oolong, little knowing that those who wish to steal the very same marbles have begun to close in around them! First the intrepid duo of Mai & Shu, acting on Emperor Pilaf's commands, attempts to plant an explosive beneath the motor-car. The plan goes awry soon after, however, but Shu manages to adjust the countdown, averting imminent danger for the moment. Later on, the witty duo of Yamcha & Puar sneak up to the parked vehicle to eavesdrop, but Yamcha inadvertently gains a view he is in no way prepared for! Yamcha quickly recovers, and soon resolves to get over his shameful fear starting now (fat chance!).

Within, Bulma announces that she doesn't want either of the boys sneaking up stairs while she sleeps. In response, Oolong slips them both a drink that contains a sleeping agent. Goku then nods off at the table, while Bulma yawns and retires upstairs. Grasping this golden opportunity, Oolong creeps upstairs, little knowing that Yamcha and Pu'ar break in the motor-home at roughly the same time. Yamcha commands Pu'ar to draw "Bulma" away from the vehicle. But, sure enough things go amusingly wrong.When morning dawns the gang head off, only, they spot Yamcha & Pu'ar pursuing them from the side. Out of the blue, Yamcha takes out an RPG and aims it at the motor home, causing it to explode and immediately careen off-course. But then, in a strange twist, Yamcha immediately returns and even supplies the stranded gang with a new vechile -- concealing a hidden tracking device.

Goku and the other then set off on their way, with Yamcha following them from a distance, quietly plotting to snatch the Dragon Balls from them at the last moment to grant his wish.

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