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Daniel Rogers was an American soldier and friend of Slade Wilson, Deathstroke. Both fought on the same side during a war in Afghanistan. At that time, Rogers was known for Dragon Rider. Eventually, Slade left his friend to die because he following orders and that was enough for Rogers to seek revenge against Wilson. By this time, Rogers took the name of Drago and enlisted the aid of Cheshire and Arsenal in order to exact his revenge on Slade. Once Deathstroke was captured, Drago tore out Slade's remaining eye. Afterwards, Drago betrays Arsenal and Cheshire since Slade's punishment will now rest with the crazed cannibals that he keeps within the caverns of his island. Drago has Arsenal sent to his laboratory because Drago's scientists have been instructed to rip out Arsenal's eyes.  
As for Cheshire, Drago intends to mate with her so she could provide him with an heir. Cheshire of course,would rather die than bare another child which is why she joined Slade because she wanted Deathstroke to put her out her misery. At this point, Cheshire could no longer bare the thought of her son who she assumes is dead and she still couldn't accept the death of her daughter but Drago's telepathic manipulation managed to ease her pain. Fortunately, Slade uses his other heighten senses like hearing and smell to kill the cannibals then making his escape. Slade has a chance to kill Drago but he doesn't take it because he understands Drago's hatred for him and the meaning behind Drago's action for taking Slade's other eye. An eye for an eye and the world ends up blind.   

Powers and Abilities 

Apparently, Drago has telepathy and can see, even without the two eyes. He has an army of soldiers on an island in the Pacific.



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