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The vampiress protagonist is played by Gloria Holden. Her main opponents are Dr. Jeffrey Garth, a psychiatrist, and his love interest Janet Blake. Notably they receive wittier banter and bigger roles than their 1931 versions of Harker and Murray. The cast also includes Sandor, a moody and imposing manservant of Marya. He is intelligent, genuinely protective of her and acts as her advisor. He is in love with his lady and kills her when she rejects his advances.

Marya Zaleska was the first second generation-vampire on screen. She was also the first female vampire not depicted as subservient to a male one. She is conflicted about her vampiric status and seeks a cure for her bloodlust. However she does stalk, seduce and drain victims regularly. Her interaction with female victims reportedly features lesbianic overtones. This is a standard for the depiction of female vampires in literature since "Carmilla" (1872) by Sheridan Le Fanu but had not been seen in film before.

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