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Dr. Trouvaille designed the Ghosthunter armour and put the Ghosthunter team together.  The armour was designed to capture ghosts.  The heavy exo-skeleton armor was made with the purposes of grabbing and holding on to spirits.  The goggles allowed him to see the spirits and they had special straps to hold and bind them as well.
Dr. Trouvaille need to catch spirits for his experiments.  He also had a assistant Mr. Park who had control of Incubi and Mr. Park would allow these deamons to devour the souls of woman as well.  Dr. Trouvaille would also allow the bodies of the stolen souls to be taken over by spirits known as the Shade.  The Shade would then find more people to give Dr. Trouvaille more souls to experiment on.   
The very nature of Dr. Trouvaille's work made him an enemy of the Ghost.  He and his Ghosthunters clashed a few times with Ghost and the Furies and all of them were killed.  Dr. Trouvaille desinded his suit to save his soul so he in now an undead body rotting in a exosuit eith a desire to destroy the ghost.

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