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 The Barnes at the Titans Tower
 The Barnes at the Titans Tower
Dr. Rochelle and her husband, Dr Barnes show up at Titans Tower when the Teen Titans are returning from their mission in Dakota.  Raven has just been captured by Wyld and the team is attempting to regroup before heading out.  Dr. Barnes and his wife, Dr. Rochelle Barnes, claim to be sent from Cadmus Labs under Cyborg's request in order to aide the team.  Superboy verifies their identities and the groups begin to work together.   
As the mission begins to fall apart, Dr. Barnes and his wife attempt to save the Titans by allowing Miss Martian to use an mental amplifier helmet.  This backfires and leads to M'Gann being consumed by Wyld.  Wyld murders Dr. Barnes, only for Dr. Rochelle Barnes to step in and display abilities of her own.  Dr. Rochelle Barnes hides her husband's death so that the Teen Titans never know.

After that Static decided follow Dr. Rochelle at Cadmus Lab, once she will help him to recover his powers.

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