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Simply Horrible... in a good way...

 ok, if you haven't seen Dr. Horrible's Sing Along  Blog by now, there is a major flaw in your web browsing technique that you need to fix pronto.  
 Basically, while between jobs (cuz networks are idiots), Joss Whedon and some of his decided to make a 3part internet series about an up and coming super villain with arch-enemy/ girl troubles, with a musical twist! 
 I know how is sounds, but once you see it you'll understand why Joss doesn't get snubbed by networks anymore.  
 if you haven't seen it, go to Hulu or youtube and catch up..... done? good. 
 Now Zack Whedon, who i believe co wrote the internet show, has taken on the task of writing about good old Billy's earlier years. his decision to be a villain, and his early encounters with the ruggedly handsome and completely idiotic Captain Hammer.  
 this first issue is filled with the epic genius that obviously runs in the Whedon family. Tons of nods towards the show and traditional heros/villains, balanced with fantastic hilarity of Zack's own design. 

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