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Dr. Franz was known to the community simply as the local pharmacist, but to York  City police officer Dan Garret, he was an essential ally in the fight against evil.  When officer Garret received a gun shot wound in the line of duty, his life was saved by this scientist.  Dr. Franz had invented the secret and highly experimental Vitamin 2X, which provided Dan, as the Blue Beetle, with super-strength, heightened senses, faster speed, invulnerability and increased intelligence.  Dan would return to Dr. Franz's office, where he kept his Blue Beetle costume, each time he needed to super-charge. 
Dr. Franz also served as an expert in forensics, using his knowledge to aid in Dan's investigations. According to the 1940s Blue Beetle radio broadcasts, Dr. Franz was the creator of the bulletproof Blue Beetle chain-mail costume as well.

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