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Dr. Solvang is a quantum cosmologist that warned the Asgardians of a vacuum in the cosmos caused by moving Asgard to Midgard. Volstagg is the first Asgardian he encounters and is convinced by Solvang's arguments. Volstagg escorts the doctor to Balder and Thor; however Eric is intimidated by the two rulers and is thus ejected for his cowardice. He leaves without taking his car and finds himself in trouble, wandering a highway outside Broxton, in danger of heatstroke. Fearing for himself, but primarily for everyone else, he calls Tony Stark (Iron Man) through an emergency number few should know. He then persuades Tony of his theories, who returns him to Asgard and vouches for him.

The Asgardian world tree is kind of a map, okay? The nine worlds you recognize as being a part of Yggdrasil are just the tip of…a maybe-infinite iceberg. What you know as worlds…are universes. Complex, discrete, fully-formed. - Dr. Eric Solvang

The World Eaters are a race of beings that spread the "Cosmic Death". They invaded the dimension of the Nine Worlds commanded by World Eater Supreme Uthana Thoth. This is what Dr. Solvang warned the Asgardians of and is trying to formulate a way to stabilize the vacuum.

When the forefront of the World Eaters affect the weather of Broxton, Solvang takes a supervisory role, making sure that innocent Midgardians and other beings in need of help get to shelter.

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