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The son of a Bavarian dollmaker, Albert Zerstoiten, born in 1917 was a genius. He enrolled in college by the age of twelve and sported a pair of Ph.D’s by the age of twenty. He later went to work as a scientist for the Third Reich but when the Allies began to win World War II, he sold out his employers to the French Resistance and then attempted to flee to South America, only to be captured by British soldiers and extradited to America to work for the US military as his genius was unparalleled.

Dr. Zerstoiten had long since considered himself a god among humans by virtue of his massive intellect and that it was his destiny to rule the world. His work for the Third Reich and, later, America only reinforced that belief. He attempted a second time to escape to South America and succeeded, formally assuming the mantle of Dr. Destroyer.

While there, he ran laboratories and sold weapons and wares to whomever was able to pay. He amassed untold funds, created new technologies, and made many contacts with various nefarious elements throughout the world, eventually consolidating his power to build himself a network of soldiers and spies. Hernan Cortez was one of his more prominent disciples and in his zeal, called himself Professor Muerte. Later, he broke away and started the supervillain group called Terror, Incorporated.

Dr. Destroyer went on to execute many grand plans of global domination and frequently clashed with the world’s greatest and most powerful superheroes. He is absolutely ruthless and without mercy.


Dr. Destroyer first appeared in the Hero Games adventure module, “The Island of Dr. Destroyer”, published in 1981. He was originally created by George MacDonald and prominent authors of Dr. Destroyer lore include Scott Bennie and Steven S. Long.

Major Story Arcs

Battle of Detroit

His most recent act of terror occurred in 1992, when he attempted to obliterate North America in a bid to conquer the world. The world’s superheroes rose up against him and a great many of them died in the attempt. Eventually he was defeated but not before he destroyed a significant chunk of the city of Detroit, ended thousands of lives and scarring a nation.

Powers and Abilities

Dr. Destroyer’s technical advancements are decades ahead of his rivals and his personal suit of powered armour embodies that in every respect. The suit grants him vast superhuman strength, is equipped with a myriad of sensors and tactical computers, and boasts some of the deadliest energy and particle weapons known to man. It is unknown if his suit is still made of Destreum, a super-strong alloy of his creation, or has been remade with some other, more advanced material.

Robots known as Destroids make up the bulk of his army. Bases and factories throughout the world continue to create these machines and are run entirely by advanced artificial intelligence. He is not completely reliant on his robots however as he does employ a great many scientists and a private military force, as well as the occasional super-powered villain. Examples include Gigaton, Menton, and Rakshasa, many of whom have struck out on their own in recent years.

Alternate Realities


Known as Professor Preserver on Backworld, a world where the heroes people are familiar with in the main universe are villians and, conversely, the villains are heroes.


Known as The Old Man to the Resistance Fighters, this is actually the true Dr. Destroyer from the primary universe. Whomever Albert Zerstoiten is on this world has yet to be revealed.

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