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Major Story Arcs

Hide In Plain Sight

Dr. Zhan goes on a New York City talk show to discuss, Carl Creel, The Absorbing Man, and current villain being held in custody by Zhan's Plasma Beam Containment Beam. Later back at the holding facilatiy, Zhan learns of Judy Laughton's death. He believes Creel has something to do with it but when he tells Warden C.J. Johnson about his theory the warden just brushes it off. While the two men are talking Zhan accidentally hits a button that brings up video of one of the guards attacking an other. Zhan calls a security team to the guards aid.

After the fight is over neither person can remember the whole incident, and Zhan tells the warden that this proves his theory that Creel is messing with people minds. The warden still doesn't believe Zhan and Zhan tries to take matters in his own hands.

Zhan tries to shoot Creel but Creel takes over his mind and tries to force Zhan to shoot himself but then a guard comes in and Zhan shoots him. Creel then releases Zhan's mind, just in time for the rest of the guards to show up.

Zhan tries to explain to the warden whats happened but the warden is already possessed by Creel and sends Zhan to a cell. Zhan breaks out at the same time that Creel is trying to use the Hulk to make his escape. In the ensuing battle, Zhan is mortally wounded and tells the warden the only way to defeat Creel is to bring him here and points to his own head.

This hint give Pamela Grayson an idea and she tricks Creel into going into Zhan's already dead mind trapping him in the mind of a corpse.

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