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1. Sandra of the Secret Service: Sandra You Need A Rest!

2. Sandra of the Secret Service: Sandra is granted a vacation...

3. Sam the Porter: Looka That clock Sam

3. Dr. Occult: Vampire Venom

5. Hanko the Cowhand: Hanko You're going to the Rodeo, Yes Sir!

6. Pirate Gold: Captain Dennis and Jeff Roberts are sold as slaves..

7. Pirate Gold: Captain Dennis and the young Jeff Roberts escape from the Chinese merchant...

8. Spike Spalding: Spike's Cablegram finally reaches his Uncle George

9. Woozy Watts: Shall I tell th' gal about my find?

10. Bob Merritt: Fearing Bob Merrit and his companions might interfere...

11. Mark Marson: As the lifeless body of Thor the bodyguard came hurtling through the window...

12. Mark Marson: The Famous Blue Bay Billionaire, Lord Greystone, and his watchmen have both been murdered..

13. Johnnie Law: Time has given Johnnie a valuable lead to a peddler of Marijuana.

14. Johnnie Law: After the dope Smuugler's unsuccessful attempt to take Johnnie "For A Ride"...

15. Jack Woods: Our story opens in a Southwestern Town..

16. Little Linda: Yvonne Darling, Child Movie Star, has arrived at the Lumber Camp..

17. Three Musketeers: Cardinal Richelieu's party entices the Duke of Buckingham..

18. Magic Crystal of History: King John and the Magna Carta

19. Brad Hardy: Having escaped the Underwater Kingdom of Queen Claudia..

20. Marty McCann: As Marty assisted the exhausted Gorila Green to his dressing Room..

21. Marty McCann: It's the night of the Match between Marty McCann the Boxer and the Russian Wrestler Boris..

22. Hanko the Cowhand: Did'ya ever Lasso a Jackrabbit Hanko?

23. Dr. Occult: The Spectral Killer

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