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Dot is an former U.S government experimentation shaped to become a top secret, super-powered spy. Training in all forms of unarmed combat, serve-lance skills, and use of her special powers, Dot was put on assignment with other agents known as the Volunteers.

Spy for Hire

Not doing well with the other of the group, Dot left and began doing undercover assignment for a man named Sam and would assist in several undocumented assignments. Becoming tied up in a serious situation because she obtained government information and went A.W.O.L with the Agency, Dot began to seek out lose ends of her last assignment. She met Polestar and the two traveled to space and on an orbiting satellite ran into other powered individuals.

Together Dot and Polestar would stow away on a space shuttle in hopes of discovering some facts, and adventuring for Polestar. Taking the girl along with her during her errant mission, Dot would discover the horrific truths to her former assignments and directors of the government. Deciding to free the other meta-human captives that she meet while on the station, Dot ended up in a shuttle back to Earth. This spy, the acrobat, the robot, the space-man, the professor, the teen mystic, and the mentalist would join together escape and join forces.

Ettie Bitty Spy Games

Going on several team-ups with her new friends they began to rely on Dot's formal training to pull them out of bad situations. Dot herself would leave the team in hopes to not involve them in her torrid past. However the Agency sent her former partners in the Volunteers to the residence of New Wave and attacked them. Dot and the others beat them back to their masters and officially re- formed New Wave and became adventures in a world of promising possibilities.


Dot has special meta-human capabilities that allow her to take control of her metabolic form, shape, size, and energy production and use. However, Dot has demonstrated special treats with this power such as the ability to fly for long periods at fast speeds, she is able to shoot bio-electrical bolts from her hands, and she has control over her size and can shrink to heights at about 1 inch or taller. These abilities allow her the perfect access to being a master spy and sleuth, and she is a cocky agent of spy games throughout her career.

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