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When Celsius finds the wheelchair of her late husband Niles Caulder, she begins a journey to find the supposedly dead members of Doom Patrol and recruits Robotman and Tempest to aid her in her quest.

In the Caribbean, Celsius finds a wheelchair on beach. She knows this chair has to belong to Niles Caulder. She recalls the apparent death of the Caulder, Elasti-Girl, Negative Man and Robot Man. The original Doom Patrol were caught in a trap set by Captain Zahl. Celsius takes the wheelchair back to her boat. She believes if the chair survived the explosion, Caulder should also be alive.

She formulates a plan to reassemble her incarnation of the Doom Patrol to search for Caulder. She intends to start with convinces Cliff Steele. The remnants of Steele's robotic body had been found by Doc Magnus, creator of the Metal Men. He built a new body to contain Steele's brain. Celsius recalls the bringing Steele together with Tempest and Negative Woman to create a new Doom Patrol. The team faced General Immortus. Immortus had plotted to steal the secrets of Celsius' immortality to rejuvenate his decrepit body. The new team rallied to defeat Immortus.

Meanwhile, Celsius is not aware that she is under surveillance by a United States submarine. The person responsible for the surveillance is her former teammate, Negative Woman. Vostok states she used to be Negative Woman. However, she works for the government now. She realizes Celsius is enroute to Steele’s Southern California ranch.

At the ranch, Steele responds to an explosion. He arrives to see Celsius blasting a helicopter hovering over his land. She informs Steele the men in the helicopter are government agents. She convinces Steele she has proof that Caulder is alive. Steele agrees to go see her proof.

Kalki is at a Himalayan Monastery receiving a report that Celsius has been found. Kalki tells his followers to prepare his transport. A monk who tried to escape has been brought before Kalki. Kalki devours the monk.

Joshua Clay is surprised in New York City. As he escorts a patient to the door, he is shocked as he realizes Steele is in the doorway. Clay explains to Steele that he is now Jonathan Carmichael, M.D. Steele attempts to relate Celsius’ intent to reform the team to find Caulder. Clay refuses. Steele shows Clay he is currently under surveillance. Clay realizes Steele led the agents to him. Clay uses his power to blast Steele.

Three days later, Celsius and Tempest are back at the Caribean beach. Steele emerges from the water and walks up the beach. He falls to his knees. He tells the others he found Elasti-Girl’s body. The group realizes aircraft are inbound. The aircraft attack. Kalki exits one of the ships and starts speaking to Celsius. She recognizes the voice and is distracted. She is stunned by a volley fired by Kalki. Steele attacks Kalki in an attempt to protect Celsius. However, Kalki is able to immobilize Steele.


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  • Celsius by Joe Staton.
  • Negative Woman by Joe Staton and Karl Kesel.
  • Tempest by Joe Staton.
  • Robotman by John Byrne.
  • "The Doom Patrol!" two page text piece by Mike Gold.

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