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So... I have been doing a long review for another site about the 'Who Is Donna Troy?' story arc. I'll get to my opinions on that storyline in a minute - first I want to rant to all you coders out there - PLEASE, please, please give thought to your interface. See, on this site I had been reviewing each stage of the Donna Troy story (it spans quite a few issues), over many months. Which means I add to it constantly. Now, I was on a very slow connection when I made my latest post about the final installment 'Who Was Donna Troy' - and the edit button was a tiny little thing you click on, right below an equally tiny 'delete' button. Now, just as I went to hit 'edit', a slow loading banner ad or something at the top of the page shifted everything downward in the split second before my click, causing me to actually hit DELETE. There was no 'are you sure?' or other user prompt - instantly, months of work (I know, I should have backed up in a text doc) was gone - GONE! Irretrievably. UGH! 
Now onto the Donna Troy thing - the reason I'm not reviewing it here on CV, is there is no page for the TPB of 'Who is Donna Troy?' and you can't review a story arc. I have to say that I found each and every issue of the 'Who is Donna Troy?' story to be great - in particular, the first issue that has that title - a loving story about Dick Grayson using his detective skills to uncover Donna's past as a gift to his best friend. 
I read many of these issues when they came out on the news stands. I was an avid comic reader through the late 80s/early 90s, when life pressures (and weakening storylines) ended my monthly forays into comics. So, while I expected to be a little out of the loop reading a story published a decade after I stopped reading regularly, I have to say that the final story in this arc, highlighted everything I hate about DC. In this story, 'Who Was Donna Troy' from the Teen Titans / Outsiders Secret Files (2003) - which takes place after Donna's funeral (O.K., it was kind of a spoiler, but I went with it)  there is some blonde teenybopper named Cassie who claims to be 'Wonder Girl' narrating the story - Oh-kay... then they spew out a ton of conflicting backstories, none of which jibe with what was recorded in any of the previous stories - including stuff about Donna Troy as "Troia" and a lot of other hogwash. 
Seriously, DC, I don't want a comic universe that's in perpetual stasis, but neither do I want to see the origins of my favorite heroes trampled on over-and-over. Stop with the big crossover events that nobody has the time or cash to track down all the parts to. Stop with the massive retconning every few years. I haven't even finished my massive project to catch up on post Crisis on Infinite Earths continuity, and already I've read here on ComicVine, DC is set to do another massive 'revamp'.  
It's almost enough to drive me off for good.

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