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Early Life

Donna is the only daughter of Geoff and Sylvia Noble, and granddaughter to Wilfred Mott. She was always bossy and fiercely independent, and slightly mischievous, she used to boss her parents and family around when she was young, and on her first day of school she was sent home for biting. Aged six years old Donna's mother refused to take her on holiday, so she packed her bags and got onto a bus and headed to Strathclyde. Donna had missed out on previous alien invasions, on Christmas day with the Sycorax she was stuck in bed with a hangover and during the attack of the Cybermen she was in Spain scuba-diving, so her first contact with aliens was still rather shocking.

Her career seems to mainly consist of temp jobs, but she has previously worked in a library and two years at a double-glazing firm. In the June of 2007 Donna was faced with the most important choice of her life, even if she didn't know it, the fate of the universe rested on her shoulders as to whether or not she turned right and became a full-time secretary with Jival Chowdry or a temporary secretary at H.C Clement's, a security firm. She chose the latter, due to the fact she thought she'd meet a man and fall in love, which she did, because on her first day of work she met Lance Bennett, who after time she pressured into marriage. Whilst she was planning her marriage her beloved Lance was slipping huon particles into her coffee, under the command of the Empress of Racnoss, whom he was secretly serving.

First Meeting With The Doctor

Whilst walking down the aisle with her father, the huon particles inside of her interacted with her elevated mental state and managed to teleport her into the TARDIS, moments after The Doctor had just said farewell to his beloved Rose. Both were flabbergasted by the event, Doctor not suspecting a bride to be teleported into his control room and Donna not expecting to be able to be teleported. Almost immediately she demanded to be taken back to her wedding ceremony in Chiswick. The Doctor tries to get her back but they end up near Oxford Street. When landed Donna storms from the TARDIS and goes straight for a public telephone to try and contact her family, whilst the Doctor tries to figure out how she got on board, when that fails she heads out into the road trying to get a taxi, but as she is in her wedding dress none want to lend a hand, though she eventually realises that she has no money. Trying to help solve the problem the doctor goes to an ATM to grab some cash, all during the time Donna borrowed some off a passerby and got in a cab. Leaving the Doctor to nearly be attacked, yet again, by robotic Santas.

Unknown to Donna the taxi driver is also a robotic Santa, however she quickly realises that the taxi is not heading for her wedding church and finds the doctor pursuing the cab in the TARDIS. The Doctor catches up and Donna is able to jump aboard from the car, though the strenuous event puts the TARDIS out of use for some time. The Doctor then gave Donna a ring which would stop the robot Santas tracking her and the two get chatting as the Doctor tries to learn more about Donna. Much to the relief of Lance, her family and friends, the Doctor manages to return Donna to the reception. The Doctor learns that the H.C. Clement's building is owned by Torchwood Institute and, through examining the wedding photographer's footage that Donna was turned into huon particles (which haven't existed for billions of years).

They find that the reception hall is surrounded by robot Santas and that they had rigged a Christmas tree's ornaments to fly off at people and explode. Using the reception's sound system and his sonic screwdriver the Doctor is able to shake the robots apart and trace their signal back to a star shaped ship hanging in the sky above but it shortly cuts off. So the Doctor asks Lance to take Donna and himself to the H.C. Clement's building, where they learn that the place had actually not been owned by Torchwood since Doomsday and that there is a basement level that's not on the floor plans. They find themselves in a long corridor which leads them to the Thames Barrier, where there is a laboratory in which huon particles are being made. This is when the Doctor deducts how Donna got on his ship and they find a huge laser dug hole spanning the room leading to the center of the Earth.

Whilst exploring the lab a half-humanoid, half-spider teleports into the room which Doctor immediately recognises as being a Racnoss, a race believed extinct about the same time as huon particles. The Racnoss identifies herself as the Empress who has, above the pit, fashioned a giant web, from which the body of H.C. Clement's still hangs, Lance sneaks behind the Empress with an axe and goes to strike only to reveal he has been working with her the whole time and was the one putting huon particles in Donna's coffee. So the Empress could use their power to regain her ancient power. Then as more robot Santas enter and take aim at the Doctor and Donna the TARDIS materializes around them allowing for their escape. Though the Racnoss queen is not thwarted as she knows how to achieve the same effect with Lance and she force feeds him huon particles as he's trapped in her web.

The Doctor decides to take Donna back to the creation of the Earth so they can see what is so important and find that a Racnoss ship is actually at the core of the Earth. Armed with the knowledge they return to the corridor and enter the lab only for Donna to get trapped in the web and Doctor held at gunpoint. The Empress activates the huon particles and awakes all of her species that had been trapped down in the Earths core, knowing they'll be hungry she drops Lance down the pit. Meanwhile the Empress' ship flies over london shotting things after originally being thought to be a Christmas star. The doctor manages to get back into the lab and gives the Empress one final offer to take her and her people far way where they are a threat to no one. She refuses and the doctor reveals himself to be Gallifreyan, a race which has already once defeated the Racnoss. Using explosive Christmas baubles he blows open the walls allowing water from the river Thames to flood in.

The Doctor doesn't move until Donna says he can stop. The two escape in the TARDIS and the Empress teleports back to her ship moments before t is blown out of the sky by tanks from orders of " Mr. Saxon". The Doctor returns Donna to her home, a desolate woman as she has lost her job and fiance in one day, to cheer her up the Doctor makes it snow and offers her to join him in the TARDIS but she declines and encourages him to find someone as she recognizes that he has just lost someone close and he briefly opens up to her about Rose before jumping in his TARDIS and disappearing, thought never to be seen again.


Outside of the television series, Donna appears in some of the BBC Books New Series Adventures novels, alongside the Tenth Doctor, in stories set in-between episodes of series four.

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