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This page is for the current Doll Man, Lester Colt. 
For the original Doll Man see the Darrell Dane page.


Being shrunk for the first time
Being shrunk for the first time
Once he reached the age of enlistment, Lester Colt entered the U.S. Army. He served in Quraq, Afghanistan, and a dozen other locations before being recruited for a special mission. Doctor Richard Glenn developed a serum capable of shrinking the human body. Colt volunteered, and became the guinea pig for Dr. Glenn and his daughter, Emma. However, shortly after their first success, operatives of the government agency S.H.A.D.E., posing to be terrorists, raided Glenn’s facility. Colt defeated them, but Dr. Glenn died in the fight, before finding a way to reverse the shrinking serum. Emma Glenn took up the task to find the reversal, and soon fell in love with Colt. Colt continued to be an operative, becoming black ops agent for S.H.A.D.E., not knowing they were behind Glenn’s death. Emma Glenn also joined S.H.A.D.E., becoming Colt’s handler and equipping Colt with miniature weaponry and equipment. Now wearing a combat suit and jet pack, the one-foot-tall Colt gained the operative name “Doll Man.” Little did Colt know that S.H.A.D.E., led by Father Time, did indeed retrieve the serum, and used it to create an army of diminutive operatives on what he called Level Nine. Lester Colt is in retirement, married to Emma, and has a newborn daughter. He was recruited by Miss America to help finish a mission because of depleted members.


After the events of the Infinite Crisis, DC sought to re-launch Doll Man and the Freedom Fighters. The origin for a new group of Freedom Fighters was started in the pages of Infinite Crisis Aftermath: The Battle for Bludhaven. This six-issue miniseries, written by Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray, would re-introduce characters like the Firebrand, Human Bomb, Phantom Lady, and introduce us to Lester Colt, the new Doll Man. This new look for Doll Man was designed by Palmiotti and Dan Jurgens.
This Doll Man and his teammates in the new Freedom Fighters would star in two 8-issue maxiseries (also by Palmiotti and Gray) called Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters, released in 2006 and 2007. The new Doll Man would get an origin story in the third issue of the second volume. The new Freedom Fighters would guest star in a couple of series before Palmiotti and Gray would launch an ongoing series, Freedom Fighters, in 2010. 

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