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The dog is the hero of the Footrot Flats tales.

The dog is Wal Footrots pet, a border collie who was given to Wal as a gift from his Aunty Dolly. The dog is a soft and gently dog, who likes to pretend and parade around as a tough dealing iron paw. He works on Wals farm as a sheep dog and is often used to gaurd walnuts or food from rats and pigs.. which he fails at miserably. He lives on the farm with Wal in a giant water tank, turned sideways.  His REAL name is a running joke throughout the comic, whenever aunt dolly tries to call him by this name. He leaps at her and stops her, possibly the only time that he is very aggresive.

The Dog character was used as a mascot for the All Blacks New Zealand rugby team for a time. It was said that Murray Ball based The Dog off his own pet Border Collie.

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