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Seasons in the Sun - Is the Third Doctor the daisiest dandy. Or a pompous bore? Philip MacDonald thinks he nose ...

The Third Doctor on Television


In Production - Have you heard the one about the eye patch? The making of Season 7

The Stories - In which UNIT takes charge, the Doctor takes a shower, Bessie takes off, and Liz Shaw takes a break


In Production - Masterpiece? Or Master disaster? The making of Season 8

The Stories - In which UNIT fights flowers, the Doctor goes to prison, Jo shows her knickers, and Yates fancies a dance


In Production - How to meet old friends and hypnotise people. The making of Season 9

The Stories - In whick Daleks attack, Jo gets wooed, the Master watches The Clangers, and Benton wears a nappy


In Production - It's my party and I'll cry if I want to! The making of Season 10

The Stories - In which the Brigadier has treble trouble, Jo splits her trousers, UNIT turns green, and the Doctor ends up on the slag heap


In Production - While there's life, there's ... Season 11

The Stories - In which the Doctor uses Linx, UNIT battles dinosaurs, Sarah sports spiders, and Yates discovers himself

Further Adventures

The Third Doctor on radio - Gary Gillatt listens in on Pertwee's radio antics (no, not The Navy Lark)

The Third Doctor in books - Matt Michael considers the highs and lows of Doctor Three's novel outings

The Third Doctor in comics - John Ainsworth looks back at the Third Doctor's comic strip antics

Afterword by Katy Manning - The actress who played companion Jo Grant shares her memories with us

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