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The Black Knight has been resurrected along with the curse on his sword! Can he and the mystic Doctor Strange together battle the menacing Umar?

Doctor Strange received a call from Victoria Bentley, wife of Dane Whitman, the Black Knight. She tells him that Dane is acting strange since he was turned into stone by Enchantress during a mission with the Avengers and then he was send back in time to 12th century. After Dr. Strange save his horse Valinor by taking his magic and wings off, Whitman attacks him thinking he had hurt his horse and then the vet knock him out with a shovel. Dr. Strange looks at his soul with the Eye of Agamoto and watches a battle in the 12th century during Holy Wars against Muslims. Strange found that it was the curse of the Ebony Blade. They ended the curse by appealing to Sir Percy's spirit and letting the spirit live within the blade. During the battle against his own sins, Dane saw the Defenders and the Avengers trying to punish him, but at the end he manages to fight back and resists.

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