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Doctor Poison I

The War Years

In 1942 Princess Maru became Doctor Poison, who disguises her gender via a bulky hooded costume and mask.   Dr. Poison was a Japanese "princess", spy, chief of the Nazi Poison Division, and Chemical Research Chief of the Japanese Army.  She was the leader of a Nazi spy ring, whose ultimate goal was to wreak havoc in the US Army by contaminating the army’s water with “reverso,” a drug that confuses the brain center,.

This plan is foiled by the Amazon heroine Wonder Woman who imprisons Doctor Poison. She later escapes and, in 1943, now working for , grounds all planes along the front of via a "green gas" which "enters the carburetor and stops the engine." Wonder Woman halts this scheme as well, and Doctor Poison is imprisoned on , the Amazon penal colony. She is not seen again until 1948, when she and seven other female super-villains escape and pool their talents as Villainy Inc.   Led by the Saturnian slaver Eviless, the evil eight are again defeated by Wonder Woman. Throughout most of her first appearance Doctor Poison was believed to be a male due to her disguise, and she retained this mannish garb in her later appearances.  [Whether this guise was simply a necessity of assuming power within the male-dominated Axis governments or indicative of something else is difficult to say at this late date.]

Doctor Poison II


In recent years, an unnamed grandchild of the original Doctor Poison appears in league with the demi-goddess Devastation. Doctor Poison's gender remains ambiguous, the only clues being long fingernails and a lipstick grimace. She also joined the latest incarnation of Villainy Inc. and once again battled Wonder Woman. This incarnation of Doctor Poison confirmed that her grandmother did battle Queen Hippolyta as Wonder Woman during WWII. She also explains that her grandmother met her own demise by the creation of the drug called "Reverso". The original Doctor Poison accidentally reversed her own growth patterns and had forgotten the antidote by becoming too young too fast.

An evil deed
An evil deed
Doctor Poison was later asked to be a part of the Secret Society of Super Villains, which she accepted. Joining the other scientists on the team, she was assigned to collect soil samples from . She added her samples with that of other areas on Earth where genocides took place and helped create the new Wonder Woman villain Genocide

Powers and Abilities

Both Doctor Poisons are experts in the use of poisons, toxins and plagues.


Other Media

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Doctor Poison appears in the episode "Joker: The Vile and the Villainous."  She works as a bartender at a bar for costumed super-villains.  The Joker orders a "John Wilkes Booth" from her.

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