What's up with the claws?

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The new Superior Spider-Man suit is equipped with nonretractable claws. Not claws on the fingertips exactly, where they could be used as a weapon, but on the insides of the fingertips, like so:

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My question is... why? What purpose do they serve? They interfere with not only his basic equipment, like his webshooters:

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But even basic actions like making a fist. The only time they'd be useful is if he were to apply a Mark of Kaine. And even then, he wouldn't need the claws to do that. Perhaps he could use them to climb up walls. Except, oh wait, he doesn't need them to do that. So what's their purpose? Any ideas?

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@JonSmith: I have a feeling they may inject venom or something along those lines. Also their positioning seems to be dependent on the artist. I've seen Ramos and Comuncoli draw them actually on his finger tips they also appear in this place in DareDevil 22 but other people have drawn them beneath the finger tips like Stegman. In fact now I think of it go look at page 8 of Avenging Spider-man 15.1. In the same comic as the panel you posted the same artist drew them on his finger tips as well. This tells me that it doesn't matter where they are positioned or Slott would have been more careful on how they where presented which leads me to believe they may inject some kind of poison or toxin.

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Maybe there's something about those gloves that needs a support system to help stick to surfaces or something...

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Also he was wearing gloves when he was calibrating those computerized lenses. Maybe thats something to do with it?

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@JonSmith: Read SSM 1:

The claws are used for attacking and injecting nanites into the enemies bloodstream. Didn't expect that.

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@JonSmith: Because they look cool and were a red herring to make us think it was Miguel O'Hara.

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